The Zelos Games was started to bring more earning opportunities to athletes and entertainment to fans.

This November 2022 competition will be a 4-workout competition with an overall cash prize for both Elite males and females of 30K+.

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In addition to the online competition from 11/11 to 11/21, we are hosting a Live Invitational with 12 men and 12 women at Camp Rhino CrossFit in Las Vegas, NV on 11/12 & 11/13! This event is meant to be a showcase of the 4 workouts to create more entertainment for fans, and more global awareness for athletes around the world to inspire them to sign up and compete online. We have 1-day and 2-day ticket options. Click below to get your tickets to the live event!


In partnership with The Sevan Podcast, we will be broadcasting the event live! This is no million-dollar production, so give us grace and enjoy the show.


The Zelos Games was started in 2021 to bring more earnings to athletes, and entertainment to fans.

After all the turmoil and volatility that events in 2020 brought to this Sport of CrossFit, I felt like there needed to be an additional opportunity presented to athletes who couldn’t afford to travel across the world to compete at the highest paying events, or simply weren’t comfortable with the necessary travel requirements needed to leave their country to compete.

The solution was leveraging technology to bring an opportunity to athletes all over the world, and that’s why Zelos Games started online. Since the mission is 2-fold (earnings AND entertainment), I decided to branch out to a live invitational-style event this year so we can create more off-season entertainment for the fans

Whether you’re an athlete competing, or a fan watching, thank you for being a part of what trying to do. I hope you enjoy the experience!

Jared Graybeal, Founder